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the only site offering online tools to comprehensively track your personal journey through menopause.
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about our Menopause Tracking Tools
Danielle Chasman
I started having some problems and talked to my doctor but without 'evidence' it was hard to convince her anything was wrong. I started to use menopause tracker and it's gained me credibility and treament.
Thanks Hot-Flash!
Melissa Grant
I tried paper but it was hard to see trends. Plus I would forget. Now I get Hot-Flash to nag me! Plus the alerts remind me when to start and stop my BHRT - priceless!
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About the Tools


Menopause Tracker provides free online tools to track:

  • fertility
  • medical examinations and tests
  • weight
  • fitness
  • menopause symptoms
  • daily intake of vitamins, supplements as well as prescription drugs
  • plus a daily journal.

We also offer email alerts to remind you of important events.


It might not be something you want to think about but many unplanned pregnancies occur in the peri-menopausal demographic.  So we all need to remember that, regardless of what society's view of older women is, motherhood is still an option. It's up to you what do about it. 

We give you the tools to track your period and ovulation. We also give you tools to track your sexual activity. So make a baby, don't make a baby.  We're here to help either way.  (Except if you have the baby you're on your own).

We also provide the ability to record breast self-exams.

We give you tools to record test results including your medical exams, hormone tests and STD tests for those back out there on the dating scene. 

If you are using our Alerts, we can then remind you when your period and ovulation is expected and when your next annual Mammogram and Pap Smear are due.  

Your daily log always tells you the last date for all tests so you can use the calendar to go back to that date and check results.

Plus our Doctor Report gives you a summary of all those details to take with you so you can easily answer questions like "When was your last period?". 

Bottom line, if you use our tools, uou can't blame us if your menopause turns out to be caused by pregnancy!


We give you the ability to record the dates and the results of numerous tests including:

  • Breast Examinations
  • Pelvic Examinations
  • Pap Smears
  • Mammograms
  • Hormone Tests including  FSH, Estrogen, Progesterone,Estrogen/Progesterone Ratios, Testosterone, DHEA and Cortisol
  • STD Tests such as AIDS and HIV

We recommend that test results be recorded in the comments tab on the day of the test.

Weight and Fitness

Being fit for menopause is your number #1 health priority.  Not only do you need to reduce your BMI to ward off diabetes and issues related to excess estrogen such as Hot Flashes, you need to increase your strength to protect and strengthen your bones.

Our tools track your weight, BMI and BMR as well as track the time spent devoted to exercise focusing on flexibility, strength and cardio.  If you are calorie counting you can track that too.

We help you set weight goals giving realistic feedback on time frames and calorific intake.

And if you subscribe to our Alerts, we will remind you when you are overdue on entering your exercise, weight or body measurements.


We have listed around 50 possible symptoms relating to menopause.  You can tick as many as apply in you in the daily logs.  Many are not daily occurrences e.g. dry skin and you need not record it every day if you do not wish to.  However many come and go and so you can note these things to see if there is a pattern e.g. linked ot the your cycle.


We have listed all Vitamins and most Minerals as well as recognized Supplements for Menopause. We have allowed for the ability to record if you are using Prescription (Rx) hormones replacement therapy in various combinations as well as three other unnamed Rx options.  When you mark an Rx option you can note what it stands for in your comments. We can add extras here if anyone wants. Just contact us.


You can keep a daily journal to record details of your Symptoms, comments about your Supplements/Prescriptions, Test Results or major events in your life. 

You can also record additional readings such as Cholesterol and Bone Density (although we hope to add these to the main tests soon)..

What your write is up to you. Only you see it.

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Step Three Reports 



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