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Danielle Chasman
I started having some problems and talked to my doctor but without 'evidence' it was hard to convince her anything was wrong. I started to use menopause tracker and it's gained me credibility and treament.
Thanks Hot-Flash!
Melissa Grant
I tried paper but it was hard to see trends. Plus I would forget. Now I get Hot-Flash to nag me! Plus the alerts remind me when to start and stop my BHRT - priceless!
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Hormone Tests

We now offer US Customers a choice of several Hormone Saliva Test options from Labrix.  Labrix uses advanced processes for accurately assessing hormone levels in saliva. Unlike many labs, they use four saliva samples taken throughout the day in order to cater for hormonal fluctuations.

If you feel your hormones are out of balance try our Free Hormone Test based on the work of Dr. John Lee.  If the results indicate there is a problem , then a simple Hormone Saliva Test is a great way to confirm this before deciding any course of treatment.

We highly recommend the 8 Panel Hormone test as your initial starting point. Why? Because fatigue is a common symptom of menopause and what is thought to be a sex hormone imbalance can often be symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

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When should you test?  It is best to test before you start any hormone therapy in order to set benchmarks for improvement.  This includes before using face creams that may contain progesterone or estrogen as these creams can in fact elevate your hormone levels. 

How does it work? Tests are easy to do and come with very simple instructions.  If you are using any form of HRT you will need to stop using it prior to the test.  The instructions will tell you when.

On a nominated date based on your menopause status, you spit into little vials using a straw 4 times throughout the day (morning, lunch, evening, night).  One you have done that you  fill in a form to indicate your symptoms as well as provide some other data and you mail it off in the prepaid mailer.  If you have to wait until the next day then pop the vials in the freezer over-night.  Make sure you mail it as soon as you can as it needs to get to the lab within 14 days.  Read some frequently asked questions.

Can I test if already on HRT or birth control?  Yes, you just need to disclose on the form what you are taking.

When should I retest?  It is a good idea to test again within 2-3 months of starting any hormone program to see if it is working.  Once you have things under control, a test once every year is a good idea.

Why not a blood test? Saliva is the more accurate than blood serum testing. Only about 1-5% of the hormones in blood are in the unbound or “free” form. The remaining 95-99% are tightly bound to blood proteins. It is this unbound, also called bio-available, hormones that actually enter your body tissue including your salivary glands to do their work. So it is the bio-available hormone levels that we want to measure.

What is in the report?   Your results will be emailed to you in a PDF file once your tests are complete. The report will list the hormone levels for the ones you are testing. It will give the reading and indicate if they are Low, Average or High providing the ranges that provide that determination.

Click here to see a sample of an 8 Panel Test. 

Please note that while your report may include some basic recommendations based on the test results and your indicated symptoms, if you want further advice, you will need to consult with a medical professional. cannot give medical advice.

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